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Brow lamination at home

What do you use for brow lamination?

Eyebrow lamination generally involves using a two-step perming solution. Just as with a hair perm or a lash lift, the products you need to use are powerful, professional strength solutions that need to be used with care and precision. Brow lamination stylists undergo training on all hair types to ensure their timings and application are perfect, something you simply can’t learn from the back of a packet.

You’ll also find that lamination can change the colour of your brows, so you’ll also need to tint them during the treatment. Hairs become more porous after lamination, so your eyebrow tinting timings will be different.

Can you do eyebrow lamination at home?

The level of expertise offered with a professional brow treatment is worth considering if you’re thinking about DIY brow lamination (which we really wouldn’t recommend). Brow stylists are trained in the exact length of time to leave on perming solutions, as well as creating the correct tint colour.

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