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The secret behind Lady Gaga’s inauguration eyebrow look

This moment will no doubt go down in history, so Sarah opted for a look that was “timeless, romantic and vibrant just like our muse, #ladygaga”. The flawless skin and subtle smokey eye were balanced out with a bright pop of a perfectly lined red lip and bold, statement brows. 

Fans were eager to find out the beauty secrets, including how to get brows like Lady Gaga, with one follower commenting, “Absolutely stunning! If you don’t mind sharing, what did you use for her brows?”

Sarah then revealed that those expertly groomed arches were created with none other than our very own HD Brows Pro Pencil. The Pro Pencil is an innovative eyebrow pencil that sharpens to a tapered point to create the most realistic looking hair strokes; it’s a favourite amongst professional brow stylists and make up artists. Gaga has naturally full, dark brows, so Sarah used the pencil to fill in any sparse areas with a soft, natural finish. She’s created ultra-realistic hair strokes at the front of the brows to give on that trend, fluffy finish. 

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