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What colour products should I use for black eyebrows?

Best eyebrow products for naturally black or dark hair

It’s commonly believed that those with deep, dark hair should avoid wearing black eyebrow products for fear that it could look too dark and blocky. However, we’re here to tell you that’s not true. It’s one of those brow myths that gets spread around and is probably boosted by the fact that you had a terrible experience with a black eyebrow pencil as a teen (didn’t we all make some huge brow mistakes).

Yes, you can end up with blocky brows but that can also happen with any eyebrow product in any shade. The key is to choose a formula that works for your favourite brow style and always use a light hand. Remember, it’s easier to add a little more colour than it is to take away.

Eyebrow pomades are great for those who liked a bold, statement power brow, plus they have an ultra long-lasting formula that is perfect if you need something to see you through from day to night. For a softer, more natural finish, an eyebrow pencil is ideal; opt for a fine tipped brow pencil if you want to create a hair stroke effect in any sparse areas. For the ultimate natural finish or to create an on-trend brushed up, fluffy brow, choose a tinted eyebrow gel.

If you’re after a product that is the perfect match to your black hair, our shade Raven adds definition in a tone that blends with your locks.

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