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How to treat anxiety with natural remedies?

como controlar la ansiedad de forma natural

All of the diseases of the human being can be treated with natural medicine, by means of plants that have anxiolytic, relaxing and even sedative powers. This involves maintaining a healthy diet, which is now difficult to comply with due to the stress of daily life.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety can be defined as an emotion that every human being naturally possesses, it is normal to feel anxiety in the face of a situation in our environment, a healthy anxiety is the sensation that is felt when preparing for a holiday or when facing a life-threatening situation; there is anxiety, which is a pathology that is very regularly accompanied by a mental health illness. In either case, it is closely related to stress, the release of cortisol in the body can lead to an anxiety attack.

Natural treatments that work against anxiety

The treatments that are used to treat or eliminate anxiety have a time for their effect, first you must look for the causes and try the recommendations that we will give you step by step:

Create good thinking habits

We know that anxiety comes from the mind where a vicious circle of bad thoughts occurs and that the conscious works with what is in the subconscious, so it is important that from the mind you want to heal yourself and reduce the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety , working on positive thoughts is only something that you can do, it is advisable that at the time of the morning when you are still sleepy and your conscious is not fully alert, have positive thoughts such as today will be a good one, I woke up alive those are thoughts that They will accompany you the rest of the day. Another thing that will also help many is to make small posters with good wishes as I am a healthy person, my mind can do more, I am important to the world and place them in strategic places such as the bathroom mirror, the door of the fridge, on your laptop in the background on your phone, the mind assimilates repetitive thoughts.

The meditation

Food, as in any disease or for a healthy life what you eat is important, in anxiety it is advisable to completely or very considerably abandon the habit of eating sweets, caffeine, chocolates and energy drinks since these are that alter the nervous system and can act as triggers for anxiety. It is important to know and eat what foods benefit the body’s parasympathetic system since the sympathetic system remains accelerated and this is what can cause not having an improvement in anxiety.

This is the first step to help control the signs of anxiety, such as breathing, self-control, it is advisable to find a place and a time to practice it, when there is no commitment and isolate yourself from noise and technology. Practicing a sport would be great, it helps your body to be exercised and your mind busy, if it is something you like it is much easier to practice it

  • Do not consume or abandon any type of drugs, many times these are the cause of anxiety and further complicate the crisis.
  • Already having these habits and if they still do not work, it is necessary to add the intake of natural plants such as chamomile, this acts in the body on the nervous system as an anxiolytic and relaxing in addition to other benefits outside of anxiety, it helps to control insomnia, it can be have very good results in its use, you can take it in tea infusions, as many times as you think necessary, of course without abusing, there are very few side effects it has.
  • Valerian is a plant that is used to help control sleep, it acts on neurotransmitters to keep the body relaxed. There are studies of people who have had very good results with this plant in conjunction with psychotherapy; It is something that must have a balance because even being natural it manages to cause dependency. Its presentation is variable in drops, in capsules or in the form of the plant, it should not be abused, it should only be taken in the morning and at night, this helps to modulate the symptoms.


The main idea of this is to learn to lead a healthy life, anxiety goes hand in hand with stress, not allowing things to get out of your hands and breaking that vicious circle that produces anxiety, someone said that we should live and enjoy The present, since the past will cause us depression thinking about what I could do better and living in the future will cause us anxiety because it is something we cannot have control over. You can also try a stress cushion

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